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Shakeout LLC offers a variety of courses, workshops and programs for athletes who are transitioning into their careers.

Insightful takeaways that will guide your transition from a successful athletic career to a successful career after sports filled with prosperity, abundance & #bossmoves.

This course provides a detailed roadmap on how to create a successful and abundant life after sports.

Looking for a customized transition guide to best serve your needs? Let's work together to identify your personal struggles and develop a course of action!

Prefer a collaborative learning experience? Interested in connecting with some of your fellow Shakeout Soldiers on your journey to learn, grown, and make BOSS moves?

Teamwork makes the dream work! This package is perfect for the coach or organization looking to invest in their team's success after sports. 

Want to connect with fellow Shakeout Soldiers? Interested in meeting Classye at her next live workshop? Take the leap today!


β€œWe revamped my LinkedIn, she helped me with my resume, she helped me with the job search – just a bunch of collective things that she does that have helped to get me where I am.”

β€œ[Classye] gave me the tools on how to reach out to people and I wound up getting a job with Tesla Motors.”